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Reasearch-The Library of Congress February 1, 2011

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As an illustrator, you will be developing your own projects as well as collaborating with others on their projects. Authors, editors, creative directors, and art directors are all relying on your expertise to bring an idea to visual life. Researching your topic is one of the most important things you can do in developing an illustration. Gathering reference isn’t simply a matter of making sure your subject’s anatomy is correct but becoming enough of an expert on that subject so you can add integrity to your drawing/painting and know where you can take artistic liberties.  The Library of Congress ( LOC)  is an unbelievable resource for visual, and intellectual,research. A visit to the site will undoubtedly give you ideas and topics for projects for years to come. In many cases hi-res  files of the viewed image is available , ( you should be careful to read the copyright info, not everything is in the public domain).  Film, audio recordings… it really is a virtual treasure trove of information and imagery.


A 1910 photo of Dr. Doyen separating “Hindoo twins”,  collections of  baseball cards, What was in Lincoln’s pocket when he was assassinated?  All of the above and a lot more can be researched and viewed online at the Library of Congress’ site   http://www.loc.gov/index.html