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Lars Lerin – A Master of Light in Watercolor March 9, 2011

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Post by Linnea Gad


Lars Lerin, born in 1954, is one of Sweden’s most respected artist and writer. Yet most people might not recognize his name in the United States. Lerin works primarily in watercolor on large sheets of paper, sometimes in a collage style, occasionally integrating his writing on his paintings. He is an watercolor painter tied to a tradition of north European landscape painting. His body of work is both partly travel documentation based on his trips to Arktis, Antarctic, Iceland, India, the middle east, Scotland to name a few, and partly autobiographical landscapes from his childhood and emotional life.

But no matter where in time or space he is does he capture the light and the darks like a master painter. In Lerin’s painting it is the misty air, the darkness and the shadows that dominates. Paintings from the coast of Norway embodies the crisp Scandinavian light while paintings from India are filled with a warm polluted light.


The relationship of the light and the darkness is rendered so carefully and precisely that it transcends the painting. The wet ground reflects as mirror and sky hangs heavy over the building. One can sense the dampness of a fish factory, the dirty heat of a village in India or the ice-cold winter night depicted with a snow-covered ground and a black sky in the north of Sweden.

Lerin posses a talent for turning a depressing, grey, residential house in a deserted suburb, or piles of fish guts into the most delicate and precious things. Just like the 17th century landscape painters who found beauty in nature or the view overlooking a city with a domestic church in its centre,  Lerin finds beauty in more unconventional subjects like collapsing shanty towns or a roadside gas station.

To see more of his work visit his website    http://www.laxholmen.org/text1_5.html All of the above work is from Lars Lerin.