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Pinocchio-1001 Uses June 30, 2009

Posted by leskanturek in 3-D work, Industrial Design, Pinocchio.
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Possibly it’s the material aspect of Pinocchio that has inspired designers to turn our iconic wooden friend into something utilitarian. His nose seems particularly handy for a number of things.   I suppose form really does follow function.

pinocchio_tapeA Pinocchio tape measure  (Kim and Jason’s Lemonade Stand)

pinocchio-toilet-brush-1The copy reads:  “Add a colorful touch to your bathroom with Pinocchio Toilet Brush. Any kid young or old would like this naughty brush in their bathroom. Cute and practical, Pinocchio’s nose substitutes the handle, while the brush is Pinocchio’s smiling face and his cap is the brush stand. Poor Pinocchio has to do the toilet cleaning also for all the lies he said.” (Gizmodiva.com)

FunnelFrom Italy a plastic Pinoke funnel (by Alessi)

Math cardsA set of cards available to teachers to be used as  measuring exercises in elementary school.

pinocchio_03A clothes line by industrial designer Francesco Castiglione Morelli (Outlook Design Italia)


A toothpick dipenser created by David Tsai (davidtsai.net)