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Ye Olde Terminator December 15, 2009

Posted by leskanturek in Folk Art, Printmaking, Steampunk, Visually Cool & Relevant.
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I don’t have a lot of  info on this, (okay none) it’s in Russian but I came across this on the web and it was too clever for me to pass up.  Modern movies re-interpreted as old wood cuts.    at : http://ziza.ru/2006/06/16/rastamanskie-narodnye-skazki.html

If anyone can shed some light on where this is from or who did it please let me know.

Follow up:

Bibliodyssey which is a wonderful, wonderful  site displaying “eclectic and rare book illustrations derived from many digital repositories, accompanied by some background commentary”,  has an older post for these prints (Sunday, June 18, 2006)  They identify this style/genre of print as “Russian lubok” here is a copy of their link to an explanation by Alexander Boguslawski.

From http://tars.rollins.edu/Foreign_Lang/Russian/Lubok/lubintro.html  (Copyright Alexander Boguslawski 1999)

The lubki (sing. lubok), simple printed pictures colored by hand and often called broadsides, popular prints, folk prints…”