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Final Project Proposal July 3, 2008

Posted by leskanturek in Class Assignments, Final project.
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You are going to submit a proposal for a final project. This is an independent project for this class.
The project can be about any subject, in any medium.
Pick something that you are really psyched about, Don’t propose something simply because you think it’s traditional illustration, or what you think I want to see, unless it coincides with something you’re excited about.

It should challenge you and give you room to creatively stretch. It should comprise more than one piece of work. All your pieces should explore a common theme.
The number of pieces depends on the size of your work ( ie; 8.5 X 11” approx. 4 pieces if they’re 18 X 24 approx. 3 pieces) and the complexity, this is an estimate not a science.

We will be meeting individually in class to discuss your project at least twice during the semester. Once near the beginning of the semester an again past mid-semester at the half way mark. I’ll give you the date of these meetings in class.

Please type your proposals neatly and include the following info:

  • The topic/theme (title?)
  • What medium are you going to work in? Any particular materials? What kind of research will you be doing?
  • Size of works, and the amount.
  • What aspect of this project is an exploration for you.
  • Include any sketches you need to explain your project
  • If you’re written a story please include a copy.

A large part of this assignment is the formulation of a project, writing a proposal and following through with a finish. Don’t short change this part of the process. If you come in the last day of class and present a project we have not discussed I will not accept it. Your final project will also count as a larger part of your grade than regular assignments.

If you need help selecting a topic, let me know as soon as possible and we’ll discuss some possibilities.