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The following are some examples of produced for class over the years. -L

Final Projects

Shrine by Jordan Worley

(above) Shrine to my housekeeper by Jordan Worley (Fall ’05)

Cigarette Packaging by Miki Nagao

(above)Mock” Cigarette packaging, identity, and advertising by Miki Nagao (Fall ’05). Packaging meant to encourage smokers to quit.

(above) An accordion fold book, “Don’t Just Simply Crumple and Give up” by Toby Liebowitz. The book contains two stories. One reads front to back, the second story reads back to front. they meet in the middle and the reader can continue reading the following narrative in reverse. (Spring ’08).
(above) Skateboard decks for a team. Each mythical animal representing a skater. by Nathan Pickett (Fall ’03)
(above) Painting, scenes with movement (From a trip to England) by Genevieve Elkin (Spring ’05)
(above) Seven foot tall biographical room constructed of paintings on plywood by Jessica Pruess about her mother’s life with MS. (Spring ’03)
(above) Autobiographical comic with screen printed cover by Katie Turner (Spring ’08).
(above) Illustrations to a children’s story about a woman who keeps bats, by Elisabeth Timpone (Fall ’03)
(above) Naomi Koffman- Plush sculpture was Sigmund Freud’s model of the human psyche. The work  is an interpretation of Naomi’s  psyche :
Gray Creature- EGO
Orange Creature- ID
Blue Creature- SUPEREGO
Black Creature- THANATOS
Red Creature- EROS
White Creature- CONSCIENCE
Hot Air Balloon- HEAD (spring 2009) .
Julie(above) Julie Pinzur, Wall decals (Sp. ’09)
Alex final(above) Alex Iezzi ” Meat Eaters”(Sp. ’09)
Paula  Together

(above) Paula Searing ” The Dream (Sp. ’09)
(above) Chelsey Pettyjohn ” Portraits done in makeup (Sp. ’10)09
(above) “Everybody!”  Characters By John Garcia and Ciara Gay with an accompanying book. Sp. ’10
(above) “Animal masks” by Grace Lang Sp. ’10
(above) Vegetable Characters”  By Lyejm Kallas-Lewis

Subway Proposed Art

(above) Proposed mural depicting Jack Kerouac and the Lady of Guadelupe for the west 14th st. subway station wall. By Katie Turner (Spring ’08).
(above) Proposed pillar tiles based on textiles for subway platform (more info to come). By Lena Hawkins (Spring ’08).
above) Proposed mural of prominent figures from 1960’s art counter culture for the west 14th st. subway station. By Toby Liebowitz (Spring ’08).


(above) Loa Hlin Hjalmtysdottir’s version of Hansel & Gretel as seen from the witch’s point of view, looking out of the window of her candy house. (Fall ’07)
(above) Eve reaching for the apple in the Garden of Eden, from the snake’s POV. by Sara Bohnsack (Fall ’06)

Misc. Projects

(above) Urban Rat, 3-D figure by Shinyung Schwartz (Fall ’04)
(above) booklet, famous monkeys/apes and their poignant and at times heart breaking circumstances by Jordan Worley (Fall ’05)
(above) The Worm of Economics by unknown student
(above) Nesting dolls. A  “monstrous vermin” bug metamorphosizes with each step into Kafka’s tragic protagonist Gregor Samsa. by Camden Dunning (Fall ’07)

Class Photos

1991-94, 1996-2001   sorry  I don’t have photos. If anyone does please let me know I’ll post it.  -Thanks


(above) Fall 1995 , not in order. Sherwin J. Banfield, Jeff Choi, Amy Cutler, Clare Doveton, Mary Ann Fernandez, David Friend, Pei Yi, Sally Herships, Eunjean Hong, Ryan Kavanaugh, Philipp Low, Teddy Moon, Olga Stipanovic, Gary Tam, Sonia Yang, Chike Moraes, Chris White. Photo taken by Gretchen (Dr.) Van Lente.


Fall 1999–  Not in order Jose carmona, Fung-ling Chen, Constance Gounod, Michael De Laporte, Cidalia Costa, Lorena Eliasen, Michael Goldberg, Bryn Gormley, Sangwoo Hahn, Jarret Ham, Trevor John, Grigory Mindlin, Christopher Soria, Kumi Tanimura, Mirja Wande, Rosa Yu


Drawing and Mixed Media Fall 1999Not in order -Nicholas Attianese, Alfred Cervantes, Kamal Dhingra, Danielle DiLuzio, Amy Hartman, Yeo Jung Jun, Akiko Kato, Miho Kubota, Grace Maksimik, Carlos Perla, Songe Riddle, Sun Yang, Yun Jung Yang


Fall02(above) Fall 2002   Not in order; Ronald Burd, Frank Pelaez, Jessica Preuss,  Weon Cho, Chryssanthi Papaxenou, Esther Yi, Laura Cespdes, Trica Jutras, Marley O’Brien, Yun-Ho Seo, Jee-Hye Shin, Miron Kiriliv

(above) Spring 2004, an amalgam of photos of the whole class. So…this is your average Parsons, soph. concepts student?

(above) Spring 2005 left- Dino Pai,  Keiko Kuramoto, Karen Coleman, Monica Gambacorto, Jessi Kempin, Diane Stevenson,  Genevieve Elkin, front– Nick Chang, Ruben Figueroa


(above) Spring 2006
space(above) Fall 2007  not in order- Ashley Burdo,  Camden Dunning, Carolina Ortiz, Darcy Smyth,  Julia Kim, Sophia Chang, Zoey Kelemen,  Frank Craig, Chris Yip,  Young Soo Kim, En Yu Liu, Loa Hlin Hjalmtysdottir, Lulu Wolf, Yesenia Cortinas
(above) Ali Stackpole graciously helping to  demonstrate an analogy. (Spring 2009)
Class_Sp09(above) Spring 2009  Top Left : Naomi Koffman, Evan Turk,  Julian, Paula Searing, Josh Lewis,  Ali Stackpole,  Will Crosby;  2nd row : Nazo Farnoudi, Genevieve Gray,  Alex Iezzi,  Julie Pinzur,  Mark Lev,  Victoria Salvador, Jenel Lawson.
(above) Fall 2009  Top Left : Debo Mouloudji, Derya Sensoy, Sam Perlman, Jasmine Talwar, Evan Goodman, Maria Francisco,  Lyejm Kallas-Lewis, Brianne Bowers, Jeanine Gleaves, Les.  Front Left: Nadilyn Beato, Allison Mehner, Steph Zieman, Masuko Jo   (Not in photo-Jennie Kim, Rachel Tonthat, Alexa Culioli)
(above) Displaying their preference for flight or invisibilitySpring 2010 Top Left : Jun Hui Im, Lyejm Kallas-Lewis, Ciara Gay, John Garcia, Pratima Prakash Mani, Christine Westrich, Brianne Bowers, Grace Moon.  (Front Left) Masuko Jo, Josey Herrington, Grace Lang, Chelsey Pettyjohn, Rachel Tonthat, Leila Ehtesham, Debo Mouloudji, Mary Cumming.
(above) spring 2010 subway tour

Fall 2010 Classleft -Minyoung Shin, Loren Kang, Shah Ahmed, Lisandra Gomez, Arielle Jovellanos, Amelia Chia, Kristin Chae, Leigh Cunningham, Billur Kazaz, Kaan Ediz,  Front- Ray Masaki, Cindy Tan, Tessa Lloyd, Taylor Grant, Hope Weissman.  (missing Christian Santiago, Linnea Gad)

Spring 2011 Class- Back left -Minyoung Shin, Jessica Kim, Sarah Ding, Arielle Jovellanos, Jackie Yang, Inbal Newman, Emily Ho, Jonathan Fast  Bottom row: Leigh Cunningham, Taylor Grant, Tessa Lloyd, Linnea Gad, Lisandra Gomez  (Missing: Vania Wat, Soo Jin Lee)


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