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Natural History Class Pic November 28, 2010

Posted by leskanturek in Class Assignments, Class Topics, Picture files and Reference, Surreal.

(above) Some of the Fall ’10 class in front of the reproduction of the Easter Island Moai


This fall we met at the Museum of Natural History to sketch/ gather reference for an assignment exploring surrealism. Surrealism in art portrays the dream, the element of surprise sometimes with unexpected juxtapositions of things within the same space. The museum is an amazing place to sketch , draw and photograph not only animal life (taxidermied) but also exhibits of different cultures around the world. Of course the museum is also extremely surreal it self with it’s own sometimes odd juxtapositions of exhibits. View lowland gorillas and then turn the corner and you’re in Mexico .

We met on the 3rd floor which has displays of Indonesian shadow puppets, pacific islander culture along with other Native American exhibits. The museum is like one big living scrap(reference) file that you can walk through.  I’ve always found their exhibits organized similarly to how a sketchbook could be organized. Details called out from models, notes , captions. Where a part of an artifact  is missing the visual information is drawn in.  Then there is the subway stop with the mosaics depicting the evolution of species.

(above) For Want of a Nail, 2000  Glass and ceramic mosaic, handmade ceramic relief tiles, hand-cast glass, bronze and cut granite floor tiles throughout the 81st subway stop.


A very inspiring place…



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