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The Story of a Lovely East Village Gallery… March 11, 2010

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Posted by Ciara Gay

…that found a way to help support fresh new illustrators by getting their work seen and sold in a very original way. This gallery is one of the best things I stumbled upon in my journeys here in the Big Apple, and a very close friend placed it right in my artistic path. The place is called Charmingwall, and it kicks some very serious illustration ass! My friend Katie McClenahan started the business a few years back with her aunt and uncle, Patrick and Julie Lockley, who own the establishment. Since then it has flourished and expanded to something quite useful indeed to all of us up-and-coming illustrator types.

What they do is select artists from all around the globe, and they make high quality, open-ended, digital prints of their work. To name a few, Charmingwall carries works by such artists as APAK, Daria Tessler, Martina Fugazzotto and Matthew Doubek. As the folks who run the gallery will tell you, “The artists we represent come from diverse backgrounds, from traditional fine arts to comic book culture, but what they have in common is a gift for creating richly imaginative images.” They sell these prints for $20 a pop. One can also choose to have the print professionally matted for $40, or really nicely framed in either black or brown for $80. One of the many unique things about this particular business venture is that all the prints come in the same dimension; creating a certain commonality between all the works they carry.


(above left) Dream Harvesters by APAK  (right) The Ancient Diver by Daria Tessler


(above left) Flower Eater by Martina Fugazzotto (right) These Ruby Red Slippers by Matthew Doubek


The reason why I find it so particularly important to share this little nugget of information with the rest of my class is that as artists we are all able to submit work to them at any point. It would be an excellent opportunity to get your work out there in a real NYC art gallery, while at the same time seizing the chance to make a buck or two while still in school on YOUR artwork. All the artists get a cut of their print sales at the end of each month!

Charmingwall expanded their interest last fall to include a new art gallery called 6×6 project. Yet again, this is another great opportunity to get your work on the walls of a gallery in New York. One can buy a local artist kit for $20, which includes a numbered 6”x6” canvas, artist contract, and cards to help promote the show your piece is a part of. 6×6 differs from Charmingwall in that anyone, and I mean anyone, can submit his or her work. AND you can do just about anything you wish on the canvas as long as it is with in reason. I believe one of the only stipulations (among a select few rules which are listed on the artist contract) they have on the content of the work is that you are not allowed to use organic materials. This rule was placed when they received a canvas that had a whole dead bird covered in resin attached. I can only imagine having been the one to open that box! Needless to say, Patrick, Julie and Katie had to prevent this unpleasantness from reoccurring.

SO, I dare you all to contact these lovely people and show them what you got! Hit ‘em with your strongest work, and perhaps they will pick you to be the next artist to grace their oh-so-charming walls!

To find out more about what they do and sell, hours and location, as well as how to submit yourself as a Charmingwall/6x6project artist, please visit their websites and blog:





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