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“I Got Those Illustration Blues…” February 20, 2010

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Who says you have to suffer to sing the blues?  All you really need is the appropriate angst ridden name. Preferably your blues name has a physical ailment attached to it  ie:  Blind Lemon Jefferson, Blind Blake (a fantastic ragtime guitarist by the way) or Cripple Clarence Lofton to name a few.

Stop! You don’t have to grab a straight razor and rush into that fight over color theory to earn street cred. All you really have to do is use the Blues Name Calculator (as our class did) in the safety of your own home.

Replace your existing non-dangerous sounding blues name of  “Couch Potato Jackson” or “Bent Crow Quill Davis”   with a more authentic, nasty sounding  moniker.   The art world loves bad boys and gals.

Hey Les, looks like I’m “Pretty Bones Smith” ha ha, I don’t even want to know how I got that nickname…
-Lyejm Kallas-Lewis

Jailhouse Bones Washington -ahhahahahahahhahahahahaha – Masuko Jo

I’m Sleepy Back Lee, but I like to think of myself more as a Ptera Dac Toasty. I’m not sure if that’s a blues names though……or just five syllables I like that I put together. -Pratima Mani
From now on I will be called Boney Gumbo Rivers –  Joseph Herrington

“Pretty Gumbo Green“…I like it!  -Leila Ehtesham

In the blues world I’m known as “Boney Bones Jones” –  John Garcia

Ugly Eyes Lee 😀 – Grace Moon
HAHA!!!!   My blues name is “Old Eyes Lee” I’m really not sure how my initials gave the calculator that answer but it’s cool! -Debo Mouloudji
Mine is “Crippled Bones Jones” How awesome is THAT???!! -Ciara Gay
“Skinny Fingers Dupree” = me -Rosemary Davis


“Crippled Back Bradley”   …haha Chelsey Pettyjohn


I’m “Pretty Badboy Smith”  hmmmm….I wonder if that could be Prof. Badboy-Smith?  I always thought of myself as a “Ox neck Johnson“, “Weak bladder Philips” or even Blind # 2 Pencil Russell? -Les


My Blues name:  “Crippled Legs Bailey”. OMG!  I hope that isn’t foreshadowing.. – Christine Westrich



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