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Artfully Unforgotten/Afghanistan Auction December 15, 2009

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Post by Samantha Perlman

December 3rd was the Artfully Unforgotten auction to raise funds for voices of Afghanistan.  Artfully Unforgotten, a non-profit organization that focuses on advocacy through the arts focuses on many different areas, this time it’s women in Afghanistan. A portion of the funds raised  will be donated to the Business Council of Peace (which supports women entrepreneurs in Afghanistan) and the Mashale Noor School . Afghan women are rebuilding their country as the Taliban are working to ruin it, and they greatly appreciate our efforts to help. The event was held at the Best Buy Loft in Soho, the space is owned by Best Buy, who is a sponsor. The loft was large and the artwork hung along an exposed brick wall with corresponding bidding papers below.


(Above) Pieces being bid on, far Right Heather Metcalf and family (photo taken by Wendy Popp)


(Above) left art up for auction by Allison Mehner, Right art by Lyejm Kallas-Lewis


(Above) Tryptich by Evan Goodman


Immediately when my mother and I walked in, we were ushered over to the check-in table where we were checked off the guest list and then pointed in the direction of the raffle table, we filled out tickets and moved towards the snack table, there was wine and cheese, and RED VELVET CUPCAKES!
The auction featured the artwork of teachers, students, and group projects from the Parsons School of Design Illustration department. We slowly walked along the wall of art and quickly realized that if you wanted to bid on a piece, you wrote your name and contact information on the pieces of paper below. Of course my mother bid on mine artwork. The pieces ranged from $15 minimum all the way to $80 min. for a set of three paintings.

(Above) Piece by Deborah Mouloudji being (photo by Sam Perlman),  Right art  by Sam Perlman

There was a big turn out of guests and most of the pieces of art sold. I saw some fellow students and teachers, also friends and family of event planners, everyone was there to support this good cause, for instance the guest list-checkers were two young boys, who must have been the sons of one of the staff.
There was time for schmoozing, bidding, and roaming the refreshment table, the head of the event spoke about the Afghan women the auction was benefiting, (a trailer of the video we watched in class was played).  Heather thanked everyone for coming and donating, Immediately after that was the drawing for the raffle, I didn’t win but there were gift baskets and CDs and women’s clothing as prizes, following that was another period of bidding and schmoozing. Another thank you from the head of events which concluded the bidding. Winning bidders were directed to pay for their pieces at the end of the evening.

(Above) left art by Nadilyn Beato, Right art by Masuko Jo



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