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Posting to the Class Blog/Students April 20, 2009

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Due dates for your posts are listed in the syllabus. I will do the actual posting so don’t worry about the technical side. I will also be acting as your editor.

Your post should be about something visual. I am not expecting it to be a term paper. Think short, 175-250 words. You can write a longer or shorter post . Fewer than 175 words might work, It depends on your subject and how clear and succinctly you can write. .

Subject Matter

  • An artist you think is noteworthy. A neglected/forgotten artist who is relevant today
  • Your take on a visual trend. (Is this really the first time this trend has appeared?)
  • An aspect of art history.
  • A collection of things you’ve seen or have (as long as it has a wider audience).
  • An event. You can report on going to Comic con, MoCCA, etc.
  • Interview an artist, designer, art director etc.on a project they’re working on.
  • An illustrated book, the art of a movie (animated or not).
  • How to create/construct something,  (talk about this with me first).

Almost everything is fair game. This is a class blog though , not your personal blog, so while I applaud your enthusiasm… keep “…Dudes!, this shit is the bomb, you have to check out…..” to a minimum please.

Do Not

  • Write a post about your own artwork. Something you’re involved in might be okay, (Run it past me).
  • Don’t post about another blog. If you find something interesting somewhere(on another blog)  write about the original source material. Add new information to what is already out there, or a new viewpoint.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Lists can be great on a blog, they’re short and to the point, but make sure you also comment on your choices. Why did you select them? What is the common thread? Compare and contrast images and content.
  • Think short sentences. Make your main points as clear as possible.
  • Do some research. I can’t stress this enough. It will lead you to never before uncovered stuff. Be original. ie. You found weird, creepy , but somehow compelling clown paintings. Okay,  are there more? Is there a museum of clown paintings? A history of clown paintings? Something similar to them?  …Research.
  • Come up with a A good title.
  • Provide some links.
  • Respect the copyrights of others. Attribute works to their authors. If a source you’re posting an image from asks you to e-mail for permission, then please do so. Just because another site does not list the artist’s name or title of the piece it doesn’t mean you don’t have to list it, Track it down to add more info.
  • Explain who or what you are taking about. Don’t assume the reader knows. ex. instead of writing “…his work looks like Thomas Hart Benton’s” Explain who Benton is. ex. “…his work looks similar to 20th century American muralist Thomas Hart Benton”.


  • A list of key words and categories for me to include in the post.
  • Images as examples (we’ll cover the specs in class)
  • Captions with your images, names and dates, some identifying sentence…


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