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Coraline, The Biggest Smallest Movie Ever March 1, 2009

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By Jenel Lawson
You may have seen the new movie Coraline about a young girl who walks through a secret door in her new home and discovers a fun alternate version of her life, until it turns dark and deadly. If you look past the movie’s story there is a far more amazing world to be found. The whole movie was created with rigged puppets and small miniatures. 450 people put hard work and dedication into bringing the story to life. One crew member was hired specifically to knit miniature sweaters and other clothing for the puppet characters, using knitting needles as thin as human hair.

When you watch how the world of Coraline was put together it’s hard to fathom. Each character has millions of little parts to make it come to life. Thousands of hands and halves of faces for expression, millions of individual strands of hair imbedded into the dolls scalps, and the skillfully put together set which transforms from the area where the house stands into a crazy garden in the shape of Coraline’s face that lights up. The process to get the movie together in my opinion was way more impressive than the actual story the movie portrays.

The art for the movie is also wonderful with its quant vintage feel and erie presence in the background of every somewhat wholesome picture. My favorite artwork for the movie being the Coraline Alphabet cards. To promote the launch, Focus Features set up 26 Coraline “Alphabet Cards” which feature individual letters with ties to the movie on 26 separate websites, to get them all you would have had to go around and find each card on each promotional site. All 26 images will be produced as trading cards in time.

The cards were located at:
A is for ADVENTURES @ Ain’t it Cool News
B is for BOBINSKI @ Bullz Eye
C is for CORALINE @ Collider
D is for DAD @ Dread Central
E is for ENTRANCE @ Eclipse
F is for FORCIBLE @ Fearnet
G is for GHOST CHILDREN @ Geeks of Doom
H is for HANDS @ Happy News
J is for JUMP @ JoBlo
L is for LADIES @ Latino Review
M is for MUSIC @ MTV (Splashpage)
N is for NEEDLE @ Neil Gaiman
O is for OTHERWORLD @ Obsessed with Film
P is for PALACE @ Premiere (smallest image posted!)
Q is for QUICK @ Quick Stop Entertainment
R is for RAGDOLLS @ Rotten Tomatoes
S is for SPINK @ Scifi.com
T is for TOYS @ Twitch Film
U is for UP @ UGO
V is for VEHICLE @ VFX World
W is for WYBIE @ Worst Previews
X is the Spot @ X-Realms
Y is for YUM! @ Yahoo! Movies
Z is for ZANZIBAR @ Zap2It

A few of my favorite leters were:



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