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Feist + Old Trout= Honey Honey February 18, 2009

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by Gigi Gray

Canadian singer-songwriter  Feist teamed up with Judd Palmer’s  Alberta based Old Trout Puppet Workshop to make the video of her song Honey Honey (from the album The Reminder).  Palmer’s dreamy puppet visuals are a perfect accompaniment to Feist’s soft and evocative music, and together the  video comes across in a most magical way.



It begins with the  singer lighting a match, unveiling this other world in which an old sea-man’s  journey is put in peril  by the presence of a sea monster. Meanwhile, the seafarers wife awaits at home fearing his interminable voyage. The puppets are so expressive and seem human like evoking real emotions with such exaggerated features. The images and visuals marry well together as they both move in this haunting harmony that really captivate the viewer.  The video was directed by Anthony Seck.

1feist-honeyhoney1(Above) The old fisherman

picture-2(Above) His wife in the lighthouse

storm(Above) The storm at sea


(Above) The monster fish

I think puppetry and music  are perfectly suited for one another. Both can be very effective at telling tales.  Music videos are often portrayed as stories even if the lyrics of the song aren’t narrative. Lyrics to songs may not always be narrative, most often are not, but many like the approach of creating a story within a song to really capture and keep the viewers attention. It makes the song slightly more tangible. Viewers  can identify and relate to  characters, and situations.

Feist comes from a visual arts background. Her father, is an abstract painter, and her mother studied ceramics. Some kind of  appreciation for puppets seems a logical, it would be interesting to know how much she (Feist) was involved in the making of, or conceptualizing  the video.

The video for Honey Honey can be viewed on youtube here. Also here is the link for the Old Trout Puppet Workshop



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