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Frankenstein, The Puppet October 13, 2008

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The following are some info and images from various puppet productions of Frankenstein. Having not attended these productions I’ve cited the original URL at the end of the entry.  As always, all the work shown below belongs to their respective creators/owners.

Interestingly enough, I haven’t come across a puppet production of Frankenstein on the web that wasn’t aimed at an adult audience. That might just be circumstance of course this post is hardly a complete bibliography. I would imagine that there are and have been hundreds of productions.

The University in Maryland Department of Theatre presented an adaptation of Frankenstein. Conceived and directed by Colette Searls, with new music by Anna Rubin. The production features set design by Peter Wood, costume design by Celestine Ranney-Howes, light design by Terry Cobb, sound design by Erica Yeager and dramaturgy by Susan McCully. A young scholar makes an astonishing discovery: how to create a new human being out of other people’s dead bodies. Paper sculpture, floating masks, and eerie medical tools bring life to the inanimate in this ghastly tale of human transgression.
This production is not recommended for young children.(the above taken from http://www.umbc.edu/blogs/umbcnews/archives/art/index.html)

Open Hand Theatre’s (Syracuse, New York) production of Frankenstein, November 1, 2002. The following is an excerpt from a review by Reviewed by Neil Novelli in the Post Standard.

“…adaptation written by Geoffrey Navias takes the imagination on a wild ride that links Shelley’s story to modern technology and to the mysteries of ordinary life, like childbirth. And along the way, it tells a sort of ghost story that may or may not be true.”


Terrapin Puppet Theatre’s production of Frankenstein, director Jessica Wilson, dramaturg/concept development Anne Thompson, puppet design Graeme Davis, puppeteers Kirsty Grierson, Melissa King, Colin Sneesby; Peacock Theatre, Hobart, May 18-29 2004.

Frankenstein photo Glenn Dickson-


Frankenstein by Neville Tranter

concept, puppets and play NevilleTranter, text & direction Luk Van Meerbeke


The Columbia Marionette Theatre’s production: Frankenstein, A Puppet Show

I believe the puppet was created by Lyon Hill the theatre’s artistic Director . flickr.com/photos/puppetman/460661/



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