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Assignment of Frankenstein! October 13, 2008

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The second assignment for the fall 2008 class was to select a scene from Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein and create a puppet based on a character from the story along with an appropriate environment. There was some great work done, and the finish for the assignment coincided with a visit from Gretchen Van Lente, the artistic director/founder of Drama of Works, a puppet company located in Brooklyn. ( More on that in another post). Here are the finishes:

(Above) The Bride of Frankenstein in Her Kitchen, By Paula Searing

(Above) The Creature in the Arctic, By Julia Weinmann

(Above) Vegetarian Frankenstein’s Creature , By Alex Iezzi

(Above) The Creature , By Ali Stackpole

(Above) William Frankenstein Being Strangled by the Creature, By Gigi Gray

(Above) The Creature in the Arctic, By Julian Uribe

(Above) The Creation of Frankenstein’s Creature , By Julie Pinzur

(Above) Frankenstein Views the Creature in the Window, By Lisa Corporan

(Above) Victor Frankenstein Disposes of Body Parts Out on the Lake, By Stephanie Tartick



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