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P.O.V Assignment/Fall ’08 September 8, 2008

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Sketches due: 9/15
Finish due: 9/22

For the finish you will be handing in 1 Color illustration.

The heart of this assignment is to consider and change the point of view you would normally take when illustrating.
• Select a simple story one that everyone is familiar with that has multiple characters.
• Imagine yourself as a character in a story and draw from that perspective, both emotionally and physically. It can be a minor character that you are exploring. It doesn’t even have to be human.

What/who are you looking at and from where? Remember, you are now in the scene, not just a viewer/audience member. Try a range of viewpoints including an extreme POV and see what happens in your sketches. Keep in mind that your point of view encompasses not only a physical perspective but also a mental one. ie: Would the wicked witch of the west see Dorothy differently through her point of view? Think about the slides we saw in class of a child’s point of view, there was the physical (under the table or being baptized), but also the the children’s drawing of the WTC on 9-11.

Do your research. Act out the scene with some friends. Take pictures. Research your subject. Don’t take anything for granted. What would you really experience or see if you were that character. Think of the story you selected as a beginning point. Should the story take place in a different locale or time period? That’s up to you.

Your finished illustration should be roughly 11” X 17” either horizontal or vertical. I’d like at least 6 sketches from different points of view. Not done in your sketchbook. You can do more than 6 and you can include ideas other than POV just as long as you have 6 POV sketches.

Your sketches do not have to be 11 X 17. As long as they are proportionate to a rectangle. They don’t have to be in color but you might want to indicate what colors will be in the sketch.



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