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Frankenstein Illustrated/ Harry Brockway August 28, 2008

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I do not have much info on this illustrator . The wood engravings that I’ve seen online from the Folio Society’s (UK) 2004 edition of Frankenstein are wonderful interpretations of the characters. A number of Wood engravers have tackled Frankenstein such as Lynd Ward and Barry Moser. Here is what I can dig up (no Frankenstein pun intended) on Mr. Brockway.

(Above) The cover and an interior illustration for the Folio Society’s 2004 edition of Frankenstein.

(Above) Title page

(Above) Frankenstein in the arctic (Right) an early sculpture by Harry (photo from Old Stile Press blog .

British illustrator Harry Brockway was born in 1958, and received a BA from Kingston upon Thames, in sculpture, and a Post-graduate Diploma sculpture from Royal Academy Schools. He taught art and is also trained as stone mason.
He has worked for the the Old Stile Press, where some of his stone carving can be seen. the Greynog Press, The Readers Digest Association and the Folio Society.

I  find it  perfectly understandable that Mr. Brockway is trained as both a sculptor and a wood engraver. Anyone can tell you that has created wood blocks, or engravings, there is a sculptural aspect to carving wood for printmaking. You usually fall in love with the material that you are carving and the finished block.



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