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Frankenstein on Comic Book Covers August 27, 2008

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The story/myth of Frankenstein has been universally lauded, perpetuated, and reinterpreted in any art form you can name, that of course include comic books. As I mentioned in another post the beauty of Mary Shelly’s story lies in it’s fluidity. It’s acceptable for Frankenstein (the creature) to be a victim and monster , or in the case of comics, both hero and villian. Below is a small cross section of covers I’ve found on the web. Let me know of any other notable ones you’ve found and I’ll add them.

A few interesting thoughts; comics already have many Frankenstein-esque characters, I’m thinking mostly Marvel here. The Hulk (he is Jekyll and Hyde too), Ben Grim/ The Thing, The Vision, to name a few. All these characters question their place in humanity and have bouts of “if I can’t be a part of society, I’ll destroy it”. Their creation was, like Frankenstein facilitated by science. The actual Frankenstein monster then occupies a special place. In some stories it’s the old guard meeting the new, sometimes it’s just overlapping continuity, ie; what would happen if Captain America went to Transylvania? Recently the creature emerges in comics as full blown hero, again adding to the Frankenstein myth.

Please note that I have tried to select only comic books and have not included graphic novels(other than the Classics Illustrated. The graphic novels are another ball of wax and very, very worthy of discussion.



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