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Lite on the Starch…er A-1 sauce Please July 31, 2008

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If I were clueless enough to point out that clothes can be art there would be such a large collective groan from the student body that surely it would initiate some natural catastrophe. That disclaimer having been said…conceptual clothing seems to be a must mention for a concepts class.

Above (Left) David Byrne –photo by Annie Leibovitz (Right) Condom Dress – Adriana Bertini

Annie Leibovitz’s hommage above to Belgian surrealist René Magritte will also be mentioned in the post “The Treachery of Images”.

Meat as clothing could be it’s own sub category. As a side note artist Pinar Yolacan photographs portraits of ladies wearing clothes fashioned from meat parts and Italian artist Simone Rachel has constructed  household items ( a hair blower, a mixer, a chair out of meat. I’m sure this is just the tip of the ice…uh pork chop. I’ve just posted the following:

Above (Left) photo by Michelle Nolan (Right) Meat Dress by Canadian artist Jana Sterbak

Photographer Philip Toledano has created a baby suit, a dress made out of breasts among others. I suggest you check out his site, it is stunning.

Any clothes you’ve encountered please let me know , I’ll try and post them. As always the source/credit is a must.   -L



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