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I want you, yes YOU! July 11, 2008

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Flagg's Uncle Sam

Flagg's Uncle Sam

Illustrator James Montgomery Flagg was not the first artist to exploit a specific point of view in an illustration. He modeled his famous 1917 recruiting poster of Uncle Sam appealing directly to the viewer after an English WWI recruiting poster. The British version (created 3 years earlier) depicted Lord Herbert Kitchener, Britain’s then Secretary of State for War, in the same pose . Since then Flagg’s image of Uncle same has become an icon and like all icons it’s invited it’s share of homages, knockoffs, and parodies.

Below are some of the ones I’ve encountered so far:

(Left) Lord Kitchener by Alfred Leete, (middle) Uncle Cthulhu “I Want You” by Patrick McEvoy http://www.comicnerd.com, (Right) Smoky Bear by Rudolph Wendelin (?)

(Left) the Committee to Help Unsell the War, 1971., (middle) Harry Potter, Warner Brothers, (Right) Santa “I Want You to Spend a Lot” by Pierre Bourgeault

I’d welcome any images you come across that you feel fit the bill. But I’d like the credit for the artist/creator too. If it’s an older image and the artist is unknown that’s okay as long as you research it and give me the url of the site or the book where you found it.




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